Performance Analysis

What’s the ROI of your marketing spend? How effective was your last B2C campaign? How should you allocate your marketing dollars going forward? Most marketing solutions make it difficult to provide concrete answers to questions like these. That’s why you need a set of powerful yet intuitive tools for measuring the performance of your marketing initiatives.
Aprimo Performance Analysis lets you measure the results of any campaign you create with Aprimo solutions. Dashboard views make it easy to keep an eye on your performance as you continue to manage multiple concurrent projects. Up-to-date information on open rates and clickthroughs is never more than a few seconds away.
With Aprimo, you can create a marketing data mart that is accessible by the third-party business intelligence solution of your choice. The data mart can also incorporate data from other corporate solutions, salesforce automation, or CRM systems. Bottom line: you get the information you need to make informed decisions about your online and offline campaigns.