Intelligent 1:1 Marketing = Mobile Devices + Triggers + Social Media + Point of Sale Data = Closed Loop Marketing ROI

What Centripetal Does:

  • Connects the Digital and Physical World through Trigger points
  • Customer Insight
  • Segment customers by demographics and predictive analytics
  • Interactive Marketing through print combined with mobile and email / web marketing
  • Customize offers and campaigns to customers through 1 to 1 marketing

At Issue:

The most perilous sales and marketing issue facing CEOs today also has the greatest potential: One to One Marketing. One to one marketing turns customer experience into customer engagement. Integrating the physical world of traditional marketing with digital marketing is an intimidating challenge. Yet doing so is essential to every organization that markets products or services.


CEOs must implement change management now or be stuck relying on bulky outdated programs and behind-the-curve processes that will result in lost market share. On site technological upgrades might solve the problem of how to begin mobile marketing but require time, heavy capital expenditures, adding staff skilled in marketing automation or digital marketing and other component parts of a very large deployment. This would be a tough burden for a CEO to commit to and carry out in a tentative economy.

To thrive in today’s mobile , digital environment, CEOs must learn how to reach clients quickly through agile scalable strategies and tools. Centripetal Media has the intelligent solution.