Marketing Operations

Plan Management

In a typical company, 10 to 20% of marketing programs are not aligned with any specific marketing objective. To put it simply, the budget for these programs is being misspent. How can you avoid squandering precious marketing dollars on campaigns that don’t deliver a clear benefit?
Aprimo Plan Management gives you a central place to organize and approve the marketing programs you intend to run in any given year. You can create briefs for marketing initiatives, and then use business rules to power your workflow for routings and approvals. In addition, you can capture market analysis, marketing plan overviews, and marketing objectives to ensure that all your marketing investments will be aligned to your core strategy.
With Plan Management, you can gain visibility into initiatives across brands and regions for all your marketing channels. Eliminate competitive marketing programs across your brands while unifying all programs with your overarching marketing message. And align marketing initiatives with your strategic goals and objectives, eliminating marketing spend on non-supportive programs.

Spend Management

Managing marketing finances can be a delicate matter. You answer to the marketing department, yet you must also report your financials to the CFO. That means you need to roll up your numbers in ways that make sense for your corporate financial management system, yet also retain the ability to analyze your marketing spend by initiative.

Only Aprimo Spend Management offers these capabilities. With Aprimo, you can easily determine the best way to spend by department, product line, campaign, or any other criteria that’s important to your organization. You can define your own organizational structure and multi-fund your initiatives – even across multiple geographies and currencies. Yet you offer local departments the flexibility to view numbers in their own currencies.

Throughout the year, you maintain an accurate view of which department owns budget, how much they have spent, and who can approve expenses against it. By tracking costs according to category and activity, you can more easily manage to budget and position yourself to make a play on new opportunities as they come up. And by tying the results of each campaign back to the amount you spent, you can finally answer your CFO’s probing questions about ROI.

Event Management

Planning an event – whether online or at a physical location – involves much more than coordinating logistics. It’s also an opportunity for your organization to maintain a meaningful dialog with customers and prospects. By keeping your audience informed and driving them to next steps, you can achieve your goals for your event without exceeding your budget.

Aprimo Event Management software lets you tailor your event-related communications to your specific needs. You can automatically send out notifications and follow-ups, ensuring that you stay on the minds of your audience at crucial points. By driving your audience to branded microsites and response forms, you capture more registrants – and more leads.

At the same time, Aprimo helps you manage the many moving parts involved in event planning. With Aprimo, you can centrally maintain detailed vendor information, increasing your ability to call upon preferred vendors. And a dynamic, searchable calendar makes it easy to monitor and track multiple concurrent events.

Brand Management

The best consumer brands have mystique. But there’s very little mystique around the process of presenting your brand consistently to the buying public. It starts with giving your extended team members easy, round-the-clock access to your digital and physical assets.

Aprimo Brand Management lets you maintain a centralized library of marketing assets. Even remote team members – such as distribution partners, vendors, sales and field marketers – can simply log on to download the latest versions of marketing collateral, enabling you to squeeze more value out of the assets you’ve already produced. Meanwhile, you can use powerful scheduling and workflow tools to manage new brand identity projects as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible – without sacrificing quality or violating brand standards.

When you manage your brand assets with Aprimo solutions, you can eliminate the lost productivity associated with searching for digital assets. Deliver your brand across an ever-increasing number of channels. Reduce marketing cycle time. And connect marketing with the rest of your enterprise.