Multi Channel Campaign Management

Campaign Management

You're trying to generate relevant, memorable marketing communications to thousands or even millions of customers. Only one thing can stop you: limited access to data. Unless you're able to integrate a full range of customer data into each campaign, you'll never be sure you've delivered the right messages to the right people at the right time through the right channel.

From there, you can optimize offers and track their results. Create relevant, focused landing pages that increase your brand appeal. And continue to contact your customers in exactly the ways they want to be contacted, delivering precisely the messages that will resonate with them.

With Aprimo, you can avoid sending meaningless, repetitive, or conflicting offers even as you reach out to a growing customer base. The results? Increased customer loyalty and greater ROI.

Email Marketing

Highly active online consumers are bombarded by hundreds of email messages per day. Meanwhile, attention spans continue to shrink as more and more people expect answers to be one click away. How can you win the battle to get noticed in the inbox? By focusing on building meaningful ongoing dialogues. Aprimo Email Marketing helps you communicate the right messages at the right times and frequencies. This solution simplifies the process of coordinating and prioritizing overlapping email campaigns. You can target more precisely by using 1:1 communications that focus on your customers’ channels of choice. When customers take action, you can proactively send event-triggered communications that urge them to take the next step. Aprimo’s tools let you navigate filters and obstacles to get your email messages delivered. You can close the loop by analyzing reports that break down your delivery rates and help you understand the true value of customer responses.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is the secret weapon that’s no longer a secret. The advantages are obvious: high visibility, low cost of entry, and ease of use. But many social marketing programs eventually grind to a halt because companies fail to devote enough time and manpower to maintaining them.

Aprimo Social Marketing helps you address this issue by putting social marketing tools at the fingertips of your corporate users. Whether you have one corporate blogger or 20, you can give each of them the flexibility to maintain their own blog pages, but automatically generate pages based on particular keywords. As a result, you’ll begin to attract highly targeted traffic from search engines and offer visitors the compelling, up-to-the-minute content they’re looking for.

With Aprimo, blog posts go through a consistent review process that helps you ensure your writers are staying within your corporate guidelines. Built-in blog templates allow you to present your visitors with context-sensitive offers that lead them to your most effective marketing assets or your corporate website. And through tight integration with Aprimo’s performance and spend management functionality, you can easily track your ROI from social marketing activities.